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The Stellar Man

Hermetic Philosophy, Book Two


(.....)The Stellar Man is about a science more elevated than any now known, and what it can do for mankind.

This wisdom, the true origin of all knowledge, represents the highest treasure that the human being can ever succeed in possessing in this or any other century, on the planet Earth or anywhere else in the far reaches of the Universe. It is the arte magnum, the perfect vision of the essential reality of Nature, which encompasses developing the capacity to see oneself objectively, and evaluating the true level of development of one's own instrument of knowledge, the mind. All knowledge, in order to be true, has to be based on man's internal reality, and has to be integrated into a wise, just, omnipresent, immortal, and eternal nature.

The ability to see reality is not a congenital capacity. The human being is only able to observe the map that he himself created from a subjective, limited, and rationalised interpretation. (.....)

In Chapter V - "To Be or Not to Be?"

page 68(.....)

It is sad to observe the tremendous limitation of sapiens, who shuts himself up in the small world of stereotypical concepts, of memorised knowledge, of imitation, and mechanisms of compensation and defence. His mental disability prevents him from realising just how small the cubicle is which imprisons him. And, thus, with a mind made up in advance, he accepts, condemns, or tolerates without bothering to intelligently analyse the situations with which he is confronted.

The Stellar Man

Hermetic Philosophy, Book Two

(ISBN 1-882692-04-7 )

(Originally published as "El Hombre Estelar")

By John Baines


Published by


Box 8556 • F.D.R. Station • New York, New York • 10150

Deze tekst is nogal provocerend. Ze is geen aantijging tegen de lezer maar een aansporende prikkeling om grenzenloos kennis te vergaren en na te denken over vrijheid. Om te onderzoeken en in te zien wat ons beperkt zodat we de ongekende mogelijkheden die ons, zonder dat we ons dat werkelijk realiseren, ter beschikking staan ten volle kunnen benutten.

Er is zo onvoorstelbaar veel te weten.

Ook al heb je vele jaren op een onderwerp gestudeerd, maar al te vaak kom je mensen tegen die je stellingname of bewering in al hun onwetendheid simpelweg afwimpelen als onzin. Jammergenoeg doen ze daarmee vooral zichzelf tekort. De bovenstaande tekst is daarom vooral een pleidooi voor een open blik naar wat zich manifesteert. Er zijn eindeloos veel mogelijkheden.

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